Vincent United Methodist Church
Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Sunday Morning Community Policy


Vincent United Methodist Church

Sunday Morning Community Policy



Vincent United Methodist Church is proud to be “The Church in the Heart of Nutley.”  It allows us to be connected and central to the life of our community and it enables us to encourage the people of our community toward the importance of faith in God as a part of a good, healthy, and fulfilling life.  Our location does, however, lead to some challenges when there are major events near the center of town.


The primary challenge that we face arises from our priorities for Sunday morning and our interest in supporting civic activities that improve the quality of life in Nutley.


As a Christian congregation, Vincent United Methodist Church believes that Sunday morning should be reserved for worship.  We encourage our members to consider Sunday worship to be of the highest priority and to forego other activities that would conflict with that time for themselves and their families.  We actively promote Sunday School as a priority for children. 


While we recognize that these beliefs may not be shared by all, we do feel that we should be able to conduct our worship services and our Sunday School at our facility on Sunday mornings.  To do so effectively, we hope to have the following respected – from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon on Sundays:


 Easy access to our church building

The use of our parking lot for parishioners and guests

The availability of on street parking in the area around the church

The absence of excessive noise


These enable our church to function smoothly on Sunday mornings and to accomplish our mission to meet the spiritual and educational needs our members, guests, and children.


At the same time, we do wish to work in partnership with community groups sponsoring activities for the good of the community of which we are a part.  If there are questions, concerns, or ways in which Vincent Church can be of service, please contact the Church Office at 973-667-5440 or at 


Approved by VUMC Church Council:  March 17, 2008

Affirmed by Nutley Clergy Fellowship: April 21, 2008